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Anne Knock

It seems apt, the knock-on effect is described as something that causes other things to happen. These ‘other things’ can be expected or unexpected. The device known as Newton’s cradle offers a predictable knock-on effect. A ball swings in at one end, and something to do with momentum and energy causes the ball at the other end to swing out. It’s a metaphor for a simple cause and effect decision-making process, those actions that produce an anticipated outcome.

The knock-on effect can be both predictable and surprising.

Yet in other endeavours of life an action or decision can elicit unexpected outcomes. Getting fit is a good example of this…

The latest educational furore in my state is an example of the application of causal linear thinking in a complex world. A newish school in my city is known for pushing the boundaries of change and innovation. It’s tough and those frontline innovators remind me of the Far Side cartoon: “Bummer of a birthmark, Hal”

“Bummer of a birthmark, Hal” Gary Larson, Far Side

My comment here is not on the situation that is currently in the media. You can read it for yourself here: How pictures on BLM on a classroom ceiling ignited a storm

Rather it is questioning the linear thinking that when something flairs up, it…

Anne Knock

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