DesignLearn 2023: Are you interested in international professional travel?

Anne Knock
2 min readMar 31, 2022


Do you have a moment to provide some insight?
(Link to a short survey at the end). Here’s some background…

Since 2010 and up until 2019 I had organised and led international study tours for educators and school design professionals. Over that time, travelling with more than 100 passionate (and fun-filled) people. On each tour, as we embarked on an exciting itinerary, it was also the conversations, sharing of ideas and meeting of minds where the participants gained great value from the tour.

In the interim years, I have been working on my PhD, As I write this, I am in the final stages of editing, prior to submission. My research has explored factors around the success and sustainability of teacher transformation in learning environments characterised by innovation in design and pedagogy and how school leaders create the enabling conditions for transformation.

Armed with this insight and knowledge, I am now seeking to develop a fresh approach to organising and leading international study tours, re-inventing this unique professional learning opportunity from 2023 and beyond. As you can see, I bring a wealth of experience.

Fresh questions are now guiding my thinking:

Where are the boundaries of innovation being pushed?

Are schools utilising the opportunities of innovative design for student learning?

Have teachers adapted to innovative pedagogy in innovative learning spaces?

How have students been engaged in the design process?

What can we learn from places such as museums and science centres?

What is best practice in library design?

What can we learn from workplace design elements?

And most importantly,

What is the connection between the physical environment, the vision and aspirations, and the way users engage with it?

As I map out the itinerary, in addition to engaging places, I am seeking to also create space for thinking, dialogue and workshopping ideas and strategies.

What if we went to Copenhagen, Helsinki, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Edinburgh? I have put together a short survey to gather your insight into:

Participant purpose and vision

Time and duration

Sites/experiences to be included

Indicative costs and desired group size

Complete the survey: DesignLearn 2023: Scandinavia/EU/UK Study Tour